I’m a graduate student at MIT currently affiliated with CSAIL. I do stuff.

Before MIT, I was an undergraduate student at Caltech for a little while. While at Caltech, I did data analysis for the LIGO project, as well as some non-flight systems software development for JPL. I also worked as a lead teaching assistant for the CS2 (Intro. to Programming Methods) course at Caltech, and also worked as a teaching assistant for the CS143 (Communication Networks) and CS179 (GPU Programming) courses.

I also did a short internship at RockMelt doing frontend iOS development for the now-defunct RockMelt Social Reader.

Contacting me

Potential employers, business partners, and the like

I’m glad to be of interest to you! Please respect the fact, though, that I’m currently in a full-time graduate study program and will most likely not be available for full-time employment in the immediate future.

That said, if you’re interested in discussing potential opportunities for employment or entrepreneurship, feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn. Mention “clam chowder” somewhere in your message so I know you’ve read this.


My current PGP key fingerprint is:

63E0 6921 BC64 298B 2E2D 67B6 AF55 A261 C7C7 6CE3

Retrieve the corresponding key from any keyserver and send me an email at the associated mit.edu address.

If you want to be reasonably sure about receiving a reply, then do at least one of the following:

  • Encrypt and sign your email correctly using PGP/MIME.
  • Mention “wheat thins” somewhere in your email so I know you’ve read all this.